Feel free to use the following checklists to support your ongoing observations of your Teacher Candidate.



Daily plans are organized as a comprehensive summary of the teaching day – with appropriate detail that would allow an occasional teacher to be able to independently implement the daily plan. ED3 TCs may be able to begin developing daily plans in January. ED2 TCs can begin to develop daily plans at some point in the winter term.
The decision to use daily plans instead of formal lesson plans will be determined in consultation with the MT who will assess the TCs readiness to develop daily plans. If the Mentor Teacher and Practicum Facilitator determine that the TC has a good understanding of lesson planning then the candidate can begin to develop daily plans. Formal lessons plans can continue to be developed for critical lessons that address major understandings or introduce new concepts or focus on new subject areas.

During the final teaching block, daily plans will be used by all TCs who develop comprehensive block plans. Formal lesson plans will also be developed for critical lessons during the block. If a TC has limited block plans in place then formal lesson plans will be required for all lessons.


Organizers / Templates

Sample Block Plans


Summary Report Examples